Easy and simple to use. Resistant to sweat. Transparent and invisible. Lasts throughout the whole day.The only one of his kind in the world


The product is Not for pregnant or breastfeeding wemen


User manual

. Before use, apply a little on the back of your hand. If you notice: Rash, strong redness, swelling or intensive itching  (allergic reactions) - stop using the product immediately

- The preparation has an unpleasant odor. The smell disappears about 2 minutes after application


  Wash your hands with soap and water..1

Clean the area behind the ear with baby wipes and dry well. .2

3. Do not apply on wet skin! One drop of water or moisture - and it will not work!  Take extra attention after you wash your hair and the whole area is wet.

 Shake the vial..4

6. Put some of the preparation on the finger, by pressing gently on the pump.

. 7. Apply behind the ear and on the parallel skin of the scalp.

Be sure that it is dry and very sticky. 8. Rub it for10-15 sec until it dries out completely.

Than Wait  for 1 minute(at least)9.

10. Press on your ears with your hands for 2 seconds.

11. Make slight adjustments

12 wash your finger with soap right after the use. It will be hard to remove from fingers when it is completely dried. (but, easy to remove from the ears)

13. Make sure you close the transparent cover of the cork until you hear a click. Partial closure will cause the pump to clog

14. To remove from the skin, rub with soap and water. To remove substance residue that stick

      To the hair – rub it with a cotton ball dipped in baby oil. Note, a substance that asticks to the hair

      Is hard to remove! Try to avoid it

15. remember-The smaller the ears and the harder the cartilage, The preparation should be applied to

      more skin surface. You will need to attach the ear completely or at least to completely attach most

      of it.

The preparation does not work for me. Why?

One of 3 reasons:

1. You applied it on wet skin. Even a single drop of water, or a little moisture will disrupt the effectiveness of the product! Particular attention should be paid after you wash your hair and the whole area is wet.

 2. Do not pin your ears until the product is completely dry (about 10-15 sec of rubbing to  the skin till it dries and only 

Than  waiting 1 minutes for extra drying.)

3. You didn’t apply evenly on the scalp skin and behind the ears, 


The bottle should be placed in a ventilated place, at room temperature. Do not freeze


Keep Out of reach of children.1

In case of swallowing, drink plenty of water..2

. 3. In case of contact with eyes,  wash well in water 

4. Before starting, try on a small area on the hand. If there are signs of: strong redness, swelling or  strong itching, discontinue use immediately.

. 5. Do not use the preparation under the age of 12


Note that the preparation is not resistant to immersion in water. It should be renewed after swimming.

Do not use the product for any purpose other than pinning your ears back\


Do not try to open the screwing because the sealant will be destroyed permanently





Manufactured in the U.S

Exclusice Distributor EAR OT STAY


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