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simply share the following video. the discountt will be given automatically when yo do so





INIMUM age is the use of the product allowed


From age 12 to 120



The product is not for pregnant or breastfeeding wemen


?How long is a vial enough for


.for About a month of every day use. One application in the morning lasts for the whole day 


?Is the product transparent and invisible

!The product is completely transparent and there is no way for the observer from behind to see it


?Do I get a warranty for the product


 Yes, if there is a manufacturing defect or you get  Defective product due to shipment


?Is the shipping free

!!Yes ,Free shipping worldwide


?Am I eligible for a refund

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the product, send it back and we will refund your money


?what is the delivery time


Up to 14 days worldwide.  due to covid19 there may be delays


?Is there mail tracking throughout the shipment
Yes, you will get a tracking number.  you will know where the product is along the route


?How do I pay you

  credit cards and paypal


?What are the benefits of the product


.Simple to operate, durable, harmless, sweatproof,control of the outcomes ,reversible process


?What happens if my ear is pulled out


.Press it until it sticks again temporarily. At the first opportunity, renew the application


?Will I be limited in daily activities


You will not be limited in any activity, even in sports activities that involve sweating


?Is it possible to swim with the product


The product is not resistant to swimming in water. After swimming it should be renewed


?Is the product resistant to rain


Yes, the product is resistant to rain.


?Should the preparation be removed before bedtime


.Yes, let the ears ventilate


?So why not plastic surgery


Plastic surgery is definitely a good and long-term option. As in any surgery there are risks, such as  permanent deformity of the ear. it is an unpleasant procedure and the patient is fully conscious.The surgery is expensive. Other than that, the ears continue to grow throughout life, so it is not at all certain that you will not need further surgery. EAR TO STAY, unlike surgery, allows you to tune your ear the way you want. And if you do not like the result, you can simply remove and re-apply